Sales Conditions


All prices are in Euros (EUR) and are exclusive of any value added taxes.


All orders must be placed in writing (fax/ email) and respect package quantities indicated in this price list. If this is not the case, COPRAX S.A. reserves the right to round off the quantities of boxes, bundles or rolls according to the items requested. Order placement assumes acceptance of these general terms and conditions.


Cancellation of an order is not accepted if goods are dispatched prior to cancellation, or if goods are made to order.
COPRAX S.A. reserves the right to suspend provisions when the customer fails to comply, partially or totally, with the agreements previously established.


The delivery dates specified by the sup- plier are intended to be an estimate and claims based on any delays will not be accepted.


In the case of defective merchandise, or discrepancies between the quantities ordered and quantities delivered, the customer must make a written complaint within 5 working days from the date of delivery of goods.


The following requirements are necessary for return goods authorization by COPRAX S.A.:
1. Deadline for the return of goods is 30 days. After this period, COPRAX S.A. reserves the right not to accept the return;

2. The returned goods must be completely intact and in their original packaging, in accordance with our units;

3. A credit note will be issued for the goods accepted by COPRAX S.A. devalued by 20% corresponding to handling and administrative costs.

4. The return of any goods will be conducted by the applicant, not only by their means and covering all costs, but also under their total responsibility.


Each delivery of goods corresponds to a separate bill. Payments will be made, as agreed, solely to COPRAX S.A..
Payments made to unauthorized persons will not be recognized as valid payments. In the case of delay in payment, the customer may be required to pay default interests in order to compensate for the delay.


The goods are property of COPRAX S.A. until full payment has been made. In case of noncompliance, COPRAX S.A. may require the return of the goods and therefor the client will be held responsible for their depreciation, the importance of which will revert to COPRAX S.A., as well as all expenses that result from the delivery of the goods in our warehouses in Ovar.


For the resolution of any possible disputes, the competent courts of Oporto are to be considered.



Note: All information contained in this document may be altered without prior notice.