Quality policy


COPRAX S.A., with the experience and skills acquired over the past years, develops, produces and markets quality piping and fittings, associated with an excellent service provided to all its customers.


To occupy a position of reference in the production and sale of pipes and fittings, reflecting the quality of the products marketed and its services with a view to environmental sustainability.


The Management Policy of COPRAX S.A. has the following guiding principles

  • Ensure customer, employee, supplier and stakeholder satisfaction;
  • Produce with quality in an orientation towards company efficiency;
  • Safety and Health of the workers, providing healthy working conditions;
  • Continuously seek new solutions applied to products and processes, with a view to minimising environmental impacts, including environmental protection, pollution prevention and environmental performance;
  • To assume the commitment of complying with the conformity obligations applicable to products, services and environment, ensuring ethics and transparency in the developed activity;
  • Promote continuous improvement, evaluating the performance of the Integrated Management System, in the definition and revision of the objectives established by the company.



Approved on 06/12/2022 by the General Management