Vissen Pavimento Radiante

The Radiant Floor Vissen is the heating system where in a harmonious and comfortable way you will have the comfort you want for yourself and your family!
The Vissen Radiant Floor is a heating system in which thermal radiation is the main form of heat transmission. For this purpose it uses a circuit of pipes installed on the floor, where hot water circulates at low temperature and which in a natural way heats the environment.
In addition to the piping, the system includes thermal insulation boards and distribution manifold groups that incorporate various types of regulation.
We have various types of thermal insulation boards with different dimensions, thicknesses and strengths that meet the different requirements of each project. Pre-assembled manifolds available in composite or stainless steel, ensuring reliability and corrosion resistance.
With the Vissen Radiant Floor system you can achieve a considerable reduction in energy consumption and at the same time a sense of well-being and comfort.

  • Material: Pex-a | PERT with oxygen barrier
  • Range: Ø 16 to Ø 20
  • Supply: Roll