Vissen Platinum

Vissen Platinum CT Fiber

 The Vissen Platinum system is composed of last generation pipes that have an excellent performance due to the various additives found in their composition.

The inner layer has an antimicrobial behavior and a resistance to disinfection that ensures the potability of the fluid that will circulate in the pipe, as well as a great durability when compared to other pipes that are subject to chemical agents during disinfection, such as chlorine.

The intermediate layer has the particularity that besides having anti-expansion glass fibers that ensure the dimensional stability of the pipe, it has O2-Stop additives, which provide an anti-oxygen barrier, ideal for installations in the HVAC area, since by not allowing the oxidation of the water, the system as a whole, as well as the associated equipment, will have a much longer life span.

The outer layer has anti-fire additives, with the objective of not being an element that promotes the propagation of a fire.

  • Material: PP-RCT Fiber
  • Range: Ø 20 a Ø 355
  • Pressure Classes: S3,2 / S5 / S8
  • Supply: bars
  • Datasheet: