Vissen Pre-Insulated

VISSEN Pre-Insulated by Terrendis

HYPER FLEXIBLE and PRE-INSULATED pipe systems suitable for conveying hot water over long distances with reduced heat loss.

The pipes produced in PEX-A (IS0 15875 ) are thermally lined with microcellular foam and closed structure, water repellent (ISO 2896) and with an ageing resistance and permanent elasticity. On the outside, a double wall corrugated HDPE pipe provides excellent protection against mechanical impacts and moisture. The outer pipe is black, UV-resistant and complies with the expected standard norms (ISO 9969).



The Pex-A pipes for sanitary installations (Series 3,2) are white and those for heating installations (Series 5) have an outer film EVOH (ISO 17455) with different colours (orange and blue) to identify the flow and return pipes. Also available as a heat pump connection solution (2 heat pipes + 2 electrical cables)

  • Inner Pipe: PEX-A or PEAD-100
  • Insulated : Microcellular foam with high moisture resistance
  • External Pipe: Black, UV-resistant HDPE

  • Operating Temperature: 80.º C
  • Maximum Operating Temperature: 95.º

  • On a roll and quantity to measure. Single, Double, Quadruple pipes