Nominal Diameter (mm) Thickness (mm) Internal Diameter (mm)
16 2 12
20 2 16
25 2,5 20
32 3 26
40 4 32
50 4,5 41
63 6 51


Vissen Multilayer

The VISSEN multilayer has been designed and prepared to meet the needs of the market.

The pipes are produced in accordance with ISO21003, being possible to choose between the Pert-Al-Pert solution or the Pex-Al-Pex solution. The fittings are produced in brass, compatible with the U jaw. The connection to the pipes is made using a pressing tool.

The properties and malleability of the piping make the most common applicability is the transport of hot and cold water in the building networks, the supply of radiators in the central heating and, in some situations, the underfloor heating.

  • Material: Pex-Al-Pe / Pert-Al-Pert
  • Range: Ø 16 a Ø 63
  • Supply: Rod or Roll

Vissen Multilayer Gamma


Vissen Pipes

Datasheet (Pex)

Datasheet (Pert)

Datasheet (Insulated)



U Jaw